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Company profile
Dongguan Nuozheng electronics co. LTD,Was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 60 million, is located in dongguan horizontal drain, has a modern factory building 16800 square meters, staff more than 800, 26 advanced panasonic SMT line configuration NPM dual-track, samsung, X - RAY, 471/482 online SPI and AOI industry leading equipment, SMT capacity up to 2.2 billion points, PCBA machine 18 line, the quantity 2.6 million units. The company for a long time for domestic and foreign network communications, medical electronics, and so onLarge enterprises provide one-stop service, including set-top box, router, TV network player, game machine and other network communication products, and have established long-term friendly cooperative relations. Welcome to visit and guide you, we sincerely hope to get your company's support, hand in hand with you and create brilliant! The needs of customers are the driving force for our progress and improvement. Our goal is to become your best partner!
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  • Proofing shipment

    4 hours

  • SMT capacity per day

    80 million points

  • Function test

    100% percent of pass

Core equipment displayAdvanced equipment is the basis of intelligent manufacturing

Nuozheng ElectronicsThe key working procedure

Japan matsushita automatic SMT production line +8 inspection procedures, quality ultimate experience

  • IQC incoming material inspection
    IQC incoming material inspection

    Testing purpose:The purpose is to test the quantity of raw materials provided by the supplier to ensure that only qualified raw materials can enter the next production link

    Inspection standard:AQL sampling level, raw material approval, customer samples, drawings and related key matters

    Inspection equipment:Optical microscope, transmittance meter, color difference meter, moisture tester, universal wear resistance, salt mist tester, etc

  • SPI tin paste detection
    SPI tin paste detection

    Testing purpose:Find out in advance that the operation in the previous section flows out of the next one

    Inspection standard:3D testing + statistical analysis of data

    Inspection equipment:KY8080 SPI tester

  • AOI test before furnace
    AOI test before furnace

    Testing purpose:The PCBA mounted on the surface of the unfinished welded furnace was inspected for defects caused by errors and leaks

    Inspection standard:3D testing + statistical analysis of data

    Inspection equipment:Yamaha 3D AOI detector

  • AOI test after furnace
    AOI test after furnace

    Testing purpose:The PCBA installed on the surface of the welding was inspected for errors, leaks, reverses, defects and defects

    Inspection standard:3D testing + statistical analysis of data

    Inspection equipment:Yamaha 3D AOI detector

  • SMT first piece detection
    SMT first piece detection

    Testing purpose:Ensure that the parts and components posted by the production model are in complete accordance with the customer's assembly drawing and material list, so as to prevent the bad flow into the next process

    Inspection standard:According to Bom and gerber data, each material of the first plate is measured and tested

    Inspection equipment:Blue eye first piece automatic tester

  • IPQC product inspection
    IPQC product inspection

    Testing purpose:Carry out spot check on all production procedures, whether it is consistent with the operation instruction

    Inspection standard:Each product process and each position instruction, customer quality control key points

    Inspection equipment:Caliper, LCR tester, multimeter, power meter, pressure tester, etc

  • X-ray welding inspection
    X-ray welding inspection

    Testing purpose:Detect the internal soldering point of the original (BGA) which is not visible to the naked eye, so as to avoid the short circuit of the virtual welding from the next process

    Inspection standard:X ray examination

    Inspection equipment:South Korea's X-ray eye5100

  • QA shipping inspection
    QA shipping inspection

    Testing purpose:To standardize the inspection of finished products and prevent unqualified products from being shipped

    Inspection standard:AQL sampling level and key customer quality control

    Inspection equipment:Function tester, signal detector, needle gauge, caliper, plug gauge, etc

  • 01

    IQC incoming material inspection

  • 02

    SPI tin paste detection

  • 03

    AOI test before furnace

  • 04

    AOI test after furnace

  • 05

    SMT first piece detection

  • 06

    IPQC product inspection

  • 07

    X-ray welding inspection

  • 08

    QA shipping inspection

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